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Unformatted text preview: ta*on of the virtual machines depends on the plaRorm –  Tradeoff for flexibility & efficiency –  No directly deal with memory •  No delete/free, No pointers Python •  A widely used general-purpose, high- level programming language •  Emphasize code readability •  Support mul*ple programming paradigms –  Object- oriented –  Func*onal programming •  O_en used as a scrip*ng language Python 2 & Python 3 •  Python 2.0 –  Released in 2000 –  Many major new features •  Garbage collector •  Support for Unicode –  S*ll being developed, current version 2.7 •  Python 3.0 –  Released in 2008 –  A major, backwards- incompa*ble release –  Many features been backported to Python 2 •  NOTE: which version you are using! –  “python - - version” –  “py...
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