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Short Answer Term ancient hatreds —cause of war. Certain states, ethnicities, religions have always been rivals and have always hated one another and fighting will never cease between them because of the past and continuing hatred. Clash of civilizations -- Huntington’s theory that the world is divided into 7 to 8 religious/ ethnic civilizations, and that the majority of world conflict (religious or ethnic) will occur where these civilizations meet (on the borders of each civilization). It is important to note that the theory indicates that these civilizations can change and that the fault lines between civilizations are fluid. Has difficulty explaining significant amounts of conflict within his defined ‘civilizations’. counter-terrorism -kronin article. practices, tactics, techniques, and strategies that governments , militaries , and other groups adopt in order to fight terrorism . not specific to any one field or organization; it involves entities from all levels of society. For instance, businesses have security plans and sometimes share commercial data with the government. Local police , firefighters , and emergency medical personnel have plans for dealing with terrorist attacks. Armies conduct combat operations against terrorists, often using special forces . Building a counterterrorism plan involves all segments of a society or many government agencies. Popular since Sept. 2001 coup d'etat —French for “blow against the state,” seizure of political power by domestic military forces-a change of political power outside the states constitutional order. Often mounted by ambitious junior officers agasint the top generals, officers who break this chain of command can take take with them the sections to the military below them. Move quickly to seize centers of power before they can be put down. Coup leaders try to create sense that their actions will result in long term stability. Ex Haiti (222) Darfur crisis —started 2003, conflict in West Sudan between the rebels and the tribes of the region, Sudanese government providing money to the rebels (although they deny it) and helped to target specific ethnic groups. Both sides are muslim though, UN sent peacekeeping foreces there although Sudan Gov was opposed and saw it as western intrusion and military attacked more people. Number of deaths is controversial. Some see it as genocide, also controversial. diaspora -- any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands; being dispersed throughout other parts of the world, and the ensuing developments in their dispersal and culture. Israel---jews dispersed around. Attitudes affect prospects for ethnic conflit, does it piss people off that they are spread out. If everyone wants a homeland then there is going to be conlflict. economic conversion
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Short Answer Term - Short Answer Term ancient hatreds-cause...

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