GEO REVIEW - Atmospheric Circulation ITCZ-Inter tropical...

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Atmospheric Circulation ITCZ -Inter tropical convergence zone- belt of low pressure around the Earth at the equator, formed by the vertical ascent of warm, moist air from the latitudes above and below the equator Hadley Cells - circulation pattern with rising motion near the equator, pole ward flow above the surface, descending motion in the subtropics, and equator ward flow near the surface. positions, causes, changes over time, relationship to weather patterns, band of clouds at ITCZ) Thermal Equator (what It is, relationship to ITCZ)- line connecting zones of maximum surface temperature, ITCZ tracks the thermal equator Major wind zones - Westerlies, trade winds, polar winds areas of no wind – Doldrums (equator), Horse latitudes (subtropics) Four fundamental drivers of atmospheric circulation - gravity, pressure gradient force, coriolis force, friction Pressure gradient force- air forced from high pressure to low pressure, fastest winds when pressure gradients are steep what it is, what causes it, what it affects relationship with winds Coriolis effect— moving objects are deflected as the move Patterns of surface air pressure subtropical highs (descending air from Hadley cell), polar lows (warm westerlies rising over polar air) where they are (position changes seasonally), what causes them Segue -Connections btw upper atm and lower atm Tropopause what it is, location at different latitudes- height highest over equator, lowest over poles Jet Streams-
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GEO REVIEW - Atmospheric Circulation ITCZ-Inter tropical...

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