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BA routine letter assignment

BA routine letter assignment - A banquet room large enough...

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VORTEX ENTERPRISES www.vortexenterprises.com February 21, 2008 Ms. Nancy Mercado Manager, Convention Services Paris Las Vegas 281 Paris Drive Las Vegas, NV 87551 Dear Ms. Mercado: Subject: Company conference/vacation inquiry Our company interested in hosting a four-day company conference/get-away and company CEO Mr. Kenneth Richardson recommended your well known resort. In order to comfortably accommodate our employees and their families, we would require the following:
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Unformatted text preview: A banquet room large enough for 140 employees and their families. • 75 rooms, preferably with views of the Strip. • Three conference rooms available for one and a half days. There are two possible dates planned for this event: July 8-12 or August 18-22. I know these are off-peak times to visit your resort. What special deals does your company offer during these dates? Also, do you have any recommendations as far as entertainment for our employees?...
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