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DATE: March 26, 2008 TO: Mr. Marcus Embry, CEO FROM: name, Human Resources Director SUBJECT: Company Bowling Team As a way to improve employee morale and fitness, a bowling program will be offered to all employees. This report addresses the pros and cons of our company participating in a bowling program. Background: A company-wide improvement of fitness and morale. It is a way for all of our employees to experience a fun and competitive sport. Participation is not required, but greatly encouraged to all employees. We would meet at the Brunswick Bowling Alley, located in west Arvada. Benefits: A way to interact with co-workers outside of the office. Bowling is a relaxed sport and requires little athletic ability. It’s also a great way to relieve stress! The
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Unformatted text preview: bowling alley provides a wide range of finger foods and beverages. Shoes will be provided with the entrance fee. Challenges: Those inexperienced at bowling. For those of you who may lack experience at bowling, we have developed a bracket system. Teams of four will play each other based on equal skill level. (Please note: This will affect your team only if you personally inform me of an estimated skill level on a scale of one through ten, ten being the highest.) Costs: An $80 entrance fee is required for every participating employee. However, if less than 6 teams sign up, we will have insufficient funds for a company-wide bowling tournament. The entrance fee will provide reserved lanes for three months, May through the end of July....
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