PP Notes Chapter 26 Cladistics - part 1 Winter 2012

1c c a t c a g a g t c c 2c c a t c a g a g t c c gta

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Unformatted text preview: A G T C C 2C C A T C A G A G T C C GTA Insertion Autapomorphy Autapomorphy synapomorphy synapomorphy 3 Homologous regions (yellow) do not all align because of these mutations. 4 Homologous regions realign after a computer program adds gaps in sequence 1. 1 CCAT CA 2 CCAT GTA AGTCC CA G AGTCC 1 CCAT CA AGTCC 2 CCAT GTA CA G AGTCC Shared Shared ancestral characters (plesiomorphy) plesiomorphy) Constructing a tree Ingroup/outgroup Ingroup/outgroup Parsimony Parsimony Taxon = clade ONLY when monophyletic Branch lengths can indicate time. Branch lengths can represent genetic cha...
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