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PP Notes Chapter 26 Cladistics - part 1 Winter 2012

Homoplasy homoplasy convergent evolution of analogous

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Unformatted text preview: plasy Homoplasy Convergent evolution of analogous burrowing characteristics Homology Homology vs. Analogy in constructing trees Marsupial Australian mole Eutherian North American Mole 2 1/16/2012 Aligning segments of DNA 1 Ancestral homologous DNA segments are identical as species 1 and species 2 begin to diverge from their common ancestor. Cladistics 1C C A T C A G A G T C C 2C C A T C A G A G T C C Clade Clade Shared Shared Derived Characters Apomorphies Deletion 2 Deletion and insertion mutations shift what had been matching sequences in the two species. 1C C A T C A G...
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