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Soc Notes 2nd MT, 1 - Sociology 252 Fertility patterns...

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Sociology 252 March 13, 2008 Fertility patterns across human evolutionary history o Why the variations? Level of gender stratification/control of economic resources by males and females More economic control men have more likely kinship system favors them More economic control women have more likely they will have control over fertility o In Africa, women want more children then men Expected costs/benefits ratios (by male, female, family and beyond) Expected benefits of children has always been greater than cost o Except too close together children in foragers Would interfere with gathering, mobility Once cultivation expected benefits went up and up o Not necessarily for women: possibly men, state Costs now may be outweighing benefits o School, healthcare o We stay very close to 0 population growth If there were no customs on fertility, woman would have children when they started menstruating Fertility vs. fecundity o Fecundity is the ability to reproduce o Canadian tribe is trying to push the limits of fecundity (10.4 kids) Huttingtons? Control of fertility is very important for women (possibly most important) Fertility increases in every T.E. base o Death rate decreases around then before there were many failed births, so lower fertility rate o At Industrial T.E., we developed means of death control –> world population explosion o Now, it is tapering off because of birth control We are below the starting point (hunters and gatherers) Europe and much of Asia, fertility has crashed 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Trends and causes of US patterns (including the controversial link between abortion and declining crime rates) o The earlier a state liberalized abortion, the earlier its crime rate began to drop All states crime rate dropped 18 years after Roe v. Wade
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Fewer unwanted babies among the poor o “Brave new world” Read box in book
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Soc Notes 2nd MT, 1 - Sociology 252 Fertility patterns...

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