MASS COMMUNICATIONS 2000 - 1996 - 10 towns had more than...

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MASS COMMUNICATIONS 2000 Sept. 13, 2007 What’s so special about newspaper? o Offer information and opinion in a way that other media cannot o Still the biggest local medium o Able to cover a lot of information in depth o Local and national coverage Modern Problems of Newspapers o Corporate buyouts 82% of newspapers were corporate in 2003 creates less diversity of voices o Lack of young readers As the population increases, newspaper readers decrease o Alternative sources for newspaper services Wal-Mart Model: newspapers sell local ads. A lot of towns only house a select group of local companies which makes it hard to find advertisers to fund their papers Electronic competition - everything is online Effects of these problems o One newspaper towns Early 1900s – 700 towns with more than one newspaper
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Unformatted text preview: 1996 - 10 towns had more than one newspaper o Growing power of newspaper chains Advantages: More resources More likely to be critical of local people and local government Disadvantages: Less diversity Doesnt represent local community o USA Today-ness of Newspapers USA Today is targeted for on-the-go audiences. It is a more exciting newspaper by incorporating more colors and shorter stories. It also focuses more on entertainment articles (lifestyle, sports, etc.) FYI Survey group studied 4000 news articles (TV, Magazine, Newspaper) o 1977 15% of front page articles were news o 1997 43% of front page news was celebrity scandals...
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MASS COMMUNICATIONS 2000 - 1996 - 10 towns had more than...

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