Lab 1 - Equipotential Surfaces

Lab 1 - Equipotential Surfaces - Conclusion In the lab we...

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Yve’s lab report writing guide.doc 1. Equipotential Surfaces Matt McDonald Partner: John Marcanick TA: Keshab Paudel – Tues 6pm Abstract The purpose of this lab is to study how different types of electric fields are formed. The goal is to observe equipotential surfaces from different types of electrode configurations, and use these lines to determine the lines of force for the electromagnetic field. An electric field mapping apparatus and a voltmeter are used to determine euipotential points at different voltages. These points are then connected to construct equipotential lines, which are perpendicular to the lines of force of the field. Data Sheets - See attached sheets.
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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion- In the lab we were able to find several points of equivalent potential and different voltages, and were able to construct equipotential lines. Using these lines we found the lines of force for the field that was being generated. Using this we were able to observe how the closer a line is to the terminals, the more closely it resembles the shape of the terminal. Similarly, as the points were farther away from the terminals, they began to form lines that were straighter and straighter the farther away from the terminals they went. This is because the field strength diminishes as you go farther away from the source. Questions- See attached sheets....
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