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You have been hired by the guatemalan government to

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Unformatted text preview: and reached the Guatemalan border by 31 October. Although wind speeds rapidly diminished once Hurricane Mitch reached the Central American landmass, its slow translational speed resulted in extreme precipitations between 27 October and 1 November 1998. Rainfall totals in Guatemala associated with Hurricane Mitch amounted to approximately an entire year’s worth of normal precipitation according to some reports. Rainfall associated with Hurricane Mitch triggered 11,500 landslides within a 10,000 km2 area centered on the SLM [Bucknam et al., 2001; Coe et al., 2004; Ramos- Scharrón and others, 2012]. The largest landslide triggered by Hurricane Mitch within the Sierra de Las Minas area was located within the south- facing Río Jones watershed. Material released from the landslide created a natural dam...
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