Lab 2 - Capacitors

Lab 2 - Capacitors - capacitance, which was always a little...

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Yve’s lab report writing guide.doc 2. Capacitors Matt McDonald Partner: John Marcanick TA: Keshab Paudel – Tues 6pm Abstract - The purpose of this lab is to learn about the behavior of capacitors, both in series and in parallel. Different sized capacitors will be used in different combinations to create high and low capacitances. The capacitors will be studied both as the charge and as the discharge. Using computer software, a line is fitted to the curve of the charge over time, and is used to find the time constant of the circuit. Data Sheets - See attached sheets. Conclusion - We obtained results that were expected, even if there was some error in our results. Using the time constant we calculated the actual
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Unformatted text preview: capacitance, which was always a little different than the rated capacitance. When the capacitor was discharged across the bulbs, the graph of charge over time still looked like a normal discharge graph; even after the bulbs were no longer lit, the resistance of the bulbs remained constant, and o the circuit did not change. One possibility for the error in the measured capacitance is that the capacitors’ rating is not exact. It is within a certain tolerance, and so depending on how accurate the measurement is, the actual capacitance may vary from the rated capacitance. Questions- See attached sheets....
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