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Yve’s lab report writing guide.doc Lenses and Mirrors Matt McDonald Partner: Neal Layton TA: Yve Solbrekken – Thursday 1:00 Abstract - The purpose of this lab is to study image formation and focal length from lenses and mirrors. For lenses, both converget and divergent ones are used. Because divergent lenses produce a virtual image, when studying this type of lens a convergent lens will have to be used to move the first image location to the other side of the divergent lens, giving a real image. With mirror, both concave and convex mirrors are studied, and the focal lengths are found using the method of parallax. Experimental Data - See attached sheets. Results - In Activity 1, we had an uncertainty of plus or minus 1.25cm, which is less than 2% of the measured image distance of 54.8cm. - In Activity 2, we calculated a magnification of -2.4, when the actual magnification was -2.7. This yields a little more than 11% error. Graphs
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