All these efforts strengthen and increase the value

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Unformatted text preview: us Single point of access, customer service, invoicing -provides cheaper, faster and more efficient value added services Sustainable Competitive Advantage ♦ Innovative and creative spirit -First to introduce various innovative services ♦ Flexibility and vision to shape the industry Trendsetter -not just to prepare for change but to shape change on a global scale. All these efforts strengthen and increase the value of the FedEx brand name- translates to above average returns and a sustainable competitive advantage. SWOT Analysis Strengths ♦ Extensive use of IT and new technological devices ♦ First mover advantages – world leader in overnight delivery ♦ Integrated logistic and management services provider ♦ Key partnership with big corporations ♦ FedEx trade name – well recognized ♦ Strong resources Weaknesses ♦ Poor coordination among the subsidiaries ♦ FedEx Services still not making profits despite growth in sales ♦ Failed to achieve targeted sales in US market Opportunities ♦ Globalization and trade deregulation create new business opportunities ♦ Deregulation of airline and trucking industries ♦ Outsourcing trends by customers ♦ Continuous growth in B2B and B2C Threats ♦ Fierce competition ♦ Innovation is easily imitated by competitors ♦ Terrorism and SARS ♦ Rising inflation and fuel prices Vision, Mission, Objective & Strategy Recommendation Vision, Mission & Objective ♦ Vision – To become world lea...
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