Fedex services was formed hub for the growing

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Unformatted text preview: livery (new e-commerce residential service) Corporate Level Strategies On 19 January 2000, FedEx embarked on a worldwide reorganization -Across 5 geographical zones -Across 6 subsidiaries To achieve a single branding system with a single point of access for customers: ♦ Standardized names of subsidiaries -leverage the FedEx brand name. ♦ FedEx Services was formed- hub for the growing portfolio of independent FedEx services. Corporate Level Strategies ♦ FedEx Services -Combines sales, marketing and technology support for the FedEx family -A single sales force cross-sells a wide portfolio of services and pricing schemes. - Provides customers with a convenient, single point of access to the full range of FedEx services. − Provides customer service, invoicing, claims and trace functions - common toll free number and website Core Competency- Tangible ♦ Financially strong - USD21 billion turnover and operating margin of 6.4% in FY02 ♦ Logistics infrastructure -Airplanes (648), vehicles (60,000), warehouse (10million square ft), capacity to handle 3.3 mil pack...
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