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Unformatted text preview: o standardize formats on their websites ♦ UPS is more focused on their core business UPS ♦ UPS Divisions – UPS Air Cargo – UPS Aviation – UPS Capital Corporation – UPS Consulting – UPS Mail Innovation – Mail Boxes Etc. Inc – UPS Professional Services – UPS Supply Chain Solutions – UPS TeleServices TNT ♦ Euro 11.8 billion corporation ♦ Core segment Mail, Express and Logistics ♦ First in global price checker service, allow customers to calculate the price of sending a consignment from one place to another anywhere in the world ♦ Quickshipper, one-stop on-line access to TNT’s entire range of distribution services TNT ♦ TNT Logistic Approach – – – – Procurement and Inbound Logistic Manufacturing support Outbound Logistic and Distribution Aftermarket Services Environment Trends & Attractiveness of External Environment Environmental Trends ♦ Globalization ♦ Intensive use of IT and increase adoption of e-business ♦ Integrated supply chain management ♦ Outsourcing by customer ♦ Strategic alliance and Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) ♦ Turbulent changes in business environment Summary: Attractiveness of External Environment ♦ Globalization, advancement in IT and outsourcing trends by customers have created boundless...
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