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21/03/2008 15:34:00 Profession of Pharmacy PMDU101 Industry and other Pharmacy Settings Coop (Experiential Learning) Faculty Member Panel questions What does a Coop faculty member in your position do? Tell us where you went to pharmacy school and what areas did you practice in before coming to Northeastern University? NEU, new England Baptist hospital for first job. Harvard community health plan, HMO Blue – Blue Cross. In house pharmacy for a couple years. Managed care, how everything works. Masters degree of science at MCPHS. Assistant manager and then director of pharmacy in a hospital in Cambridge. Purity Supreme, Stop n shop – took a job as a pharmacist. Mass independent pharmacy association, mass hospital pharm assoc., professional orgs. NEU had an open job in the co-op department. Hospital, independent, HMO, chain, and supermarket
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Unformatted text preview: industry connections made him a good candidate for the job. Can then use these connections for students. ← What are 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of this type of position? • Lots of flexibility. Free tuition is a benefit for kids. Working with young people, fulfilling. Salary can be 20% lower than chain. ← What kind of schedule is typical for this kind of position? • ← Do you have to work on the holidays? • Worked Christmas (Jewish). Tend to get paid more money on holidays. People get sick on weekends, nights, etc. ← What do you like best about the position? • Working with young people. ← What do you like least about the position? • A lot of repetition, co-op cycle can be a lot of logistics. 3-5 interviews a piece. ← Questions from the class? ← ←...
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PMD_U101_Panel_Questions_Coop_2008 - industry connections...

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