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Determination of Simplest Formula Lab The goal of this lab was to figure out the simplest formula of a chemical reaction based on the weight of the reactants and the products. Once you know the mass of the initial Mg and the final weight of the MgO, you can calculate the weight of the O2 and convert them to moles to find the ratios. The only chemical responsibility for this lab is to be cause of the magnesium, as it is highly flammable and emits a damagingly bright light when it burns. A sample calculation used in this lab is calculating the % error, which is
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Unformatted text preview: done using % error = (actual –theroretical)/theoretical x100. Mine calculation was (1.263-1.000)/1.000 x100 = 26.30 % error. This is a fairly high error, as the ratio should have been 1:1, but was instead 1.263:1. This could be due to the magnesium being burned improperly or for too short of a time, which would skew the results. This lab was useful because it presents a simple method for calculating the empirical formula of a product using a real experiment....
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