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A separate company to achieve strategic goals of each

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Unformatted text preview: 17 Strategic Alliance Entities cooperate (but do not form a separate company) to achieve strategic goals of each company) Advantages Share project cost Tap competitors’ strengths Gain channel access Protect interests Disadvantages Create competitor Partner conflict Chapter 11 - 18 Entry Modes: Strategic Factors Entry Modes: Strategic Factors Cultural environment Political/Legal environments Market size Production and shipping costs International experience Chapter 11 - 19 Risk, Control, Experience Chapter 11 - 20 Chapter Review • Discuss the essential aspects of exporting • Define each form of countertrade • Explain each type of export/import financing • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each contractual entry mode • Identify the pluses and minuses of each investment entry mode • Identify strategic factors in selecting entry modes Chapter 11 - 21 Selecting and Managing Selecting and Managing Entry Modes...
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