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Htm summary pheide a oxygenase pao 1 functioning copy

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Unformatted text preview: culture/alincolnbio.htm Summary: • pheide a oxygenase (PAO) • 1 functioning copy is sufficient to break down chlorophyll • dominant or recessive? • tyrosinase: • 1 functioning copy is sufficient to generate pigment • dominant or recessive? • mouse T/t gene: •1 functioning copy (t) is insufficient to promote growth of long tails • dominant or recessive? Summary (continued): • snapdragon flower pigment: • 1 working copy → some pigment (pink) • 2 working copies → more pigment (red) • dominant or recessive? • fibrillin 1 • mutant allele prevents proper assembly of fibrillin → Marfan syndrome • dominant or recessive? Practice question Wild type yeast cannot grow in the presence of canavanine, a drug that mimics the amino acid arginine. If present even in small quantities in the cell, canavanine can be used in place of arginine (an amino acid) during translation, causing defects in all proteins being made. However, canavanine can get into a cell only if the cell is making a transporter protein (allele #1). A mutant allele (allele #2) results in non­functional transporter which cannot import canavanine. (1) Would a 2/2 homozygote be sensitive or resistant to canavanine? (2) Which is dominant, resistance or sensitivity to canavanine?...
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