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LabQuiz1 Tuesday (October8) ANSWERS

LabQuiz1 Tuesday (October8) ANSWERS -...

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TUESDAY QUIZ #1 October 8 2013 1.Provide the three numbers for the structure that represents the major connection between the left and right cerebral hemispheres. Corpus callosum 20, 21 22 2.Provide the two numbers for the labeled structures that form the rhombencephalon? 1 & 24 3.The fornix lies _____ to structure 20. a. Ventral b. Superior c. Lateral d. Anterior 4. Provide the number for the structure that Descartes called the seat of the soul. 5 pineal gland 5. Provide the name and general sensory function for structure 4? Inferior Colliculus, auditory Information 6. Identify number 8 ­ Lateral Ventricle 7. Provide the number for the structure/structures that form the tectum
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