LabQuiz1 Tuesday (October8) ANSWERS


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Unformatted text preview: re 4? Inferior Colliculus, auditory Information 6. Identify number 8 ­ Lateral Ventricle 7. Provide the number for the structure/structures that form the tectum 3 & 4 Inferior/Superioir colliculi 8. What type of sensory information is carried in structure 2? Olfactory 9. What is the difference between structure 15 and 26 a. There is no difference as both are the optic nerve b. 15 is the optic tract and 26 is the optic nerve c. 15 is the optic nerve and 26 is the optic tract d. 15 is the olfactory nerve and 26 is the olfactory tract 10. A lesion in the corresponding structure of area 3 in a human would likely produce: a. vision loss b. memory loss c. personality changes d. impairments in speech production...
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