2-29-08 Anthropology Review

2-29-08 Anthropology Review - 1 Anthropology Review i...

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Anthropology Review i. Recent African Origins Hypothesis ii. Or, Replacement, “Eve”, out of Africa b. For most human history, we have been Foragers . i. The average work week was 14 hours for foragers c. When did Neolithic transition begin? i. 10000 years ago d. What was domesticated, and where? i. Rice was domesticated in “SE ASIA” ii. Maize was domesticated in “mexico” iii. Potatoes were domesticated in South America iv. Earliest Fermented beverages were domesticated in China e. Paleolithic to the Neolithic revolution i. From foraging to food producing f. Did foragers have it better? i. Agriculture: “worst mistake ever”? 2. Food Production and wealth in Neolithic a. Skeletons from Neolithic villages show evidence of severe and Chronic nutritional stress as well as pathologies related to infections, and deficiency diseases i. Ex: show stress lines/cracks in bones of leg or teeth of skeletons b. High starch diets led to increased dental decay i. Ex: dental caries and abcesses due to sugar in the high starch diets. Don’t see before the transition to agriculture. 3. Nutrition a. Foragers diet diversity b. Kalahari, Bushmen i. ~75 wild plants (they ate this many!) ii. ~2140 kcal/day iii. 93g protein/day 4. Agricultural a. Staples make up bulk of diet b. Wheat, rice, corn c. Much lower amount of protein 5. low diversity – increased risk of starvation if crop fails a. ex: irish potatoe famine 1845-1852. Led to 20-25% decline in population! 6.
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2-29-08 Anthropology Review - 1 Anthropology Review i...

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