Lecture 3

What remedy is necessary appropriate got facts this is

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Unformatted text preview: edy Is Necessary & Appropriate? Got facts, this is the legal/principle template I'm going to apply to those facts (see if anyone's rights have been violated) 7 What Are Legal Rights & Obligations? Be clears about the rights and obligations Penalties and Remedies Managing the Employment Relationship September 11, 2013 Trendy’s Restaurants Case Questions: What are the participants’ objectives? What rights & obligations do Sue & Ron have? What would you do if you were Mike, the general manager? What changes in policies & practices would you make? What impact might all this have on Trendy’s business success? 8 Managing the Employment Relationship September 11, 2013 Contexts of the Employment Relationship Economy Labour Unions & Collective Bargaining Employment Relationship Employment Law High Performance HRM 9 Managing the Employment Relationship September 11, 2013 Legal Regulation of the Employment Relationship What are the major “Legal Authorities” in the employment relationshi...
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