Lecture 3

Dont think about betrayal show trust in employees

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Unformatted text preview: think about betrayal, show trust in employees September 11, 2013 Text: Chapter 1 components What Is “Human Resources central to business plan, workforce implications of change, setting a certain direction Management” & How Is It “Strategic” How Does Effective HRM Affect Bottom Line? What Internal & External Factors Shape HRM How Has HRM Evolved What Are 5 Current Major Challenges It matter how we manage our people Be aware of how the mannering in which we manage employment relationship is affected by context. No need to memorize. How globalization and its implication for HRM NO CHART memorization! Old ways may be reinforced (culture) 6 Managing the Employment Relationship Summary September 11, 2013 Adjudication Regulation is reality/ important Judicator (whose commitment is to the law/standards of conduct/ rights and obligations created by law) What Are the Facts? Resolve Factual Disputes Judicator hears the contentions Decision of what the facts are Have Any Rights Been Violated? What Rem...
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