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annotated bibliography

annotated bibliography - The extensive and detailed story...

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Andrew Stolzenberg Newton, Michael. “Savage Girls and Wild Boys” 1965, St. Martin’s Press, New York. This is a collection of stories of feral children.  Newton also analyzes some of the effects  the isolation had on the children during their development. Steen, Grant. “DNA And Destiny : Nature and Nurture in Human Behavior” 1996, Plenum Press,  New York and London. Steen explains the effect of genes and DNA on the development of intelligence,  personality traits, and behavior. http://www.feralchildren.com This is the most extensive website on feral children.  It includes basically all documented  cases of feral children and explains how feral children are affected during their development. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2006/07/17/ftdog17.xml
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Unformatted text preview: The extensive and detailed story of a feral child, Oxana Malaya. http://bowland-files.lancs.ac.uk/chimp/langac/LECTURE4/4home.htm Paul Baker’s analysis of language acquisition through the study of feral children. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_g2602/is_0002/ai_2602000247 Provides an introduction to feral children followed by an analysis of the connection between feral children and the study of nature vs. nurture. http://genealogy.about.com/cs/geneticgenealogy/a/nature_nurture.htm Discussion of the differences between nature and nurture and their development through time. http://www.childdevelopmentinfo.com/development/language_development.shtml Explains the development and acquisition of speech and language in children throughout childhood...
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