Characteristics of Effective Visual Aids

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Characteristics of Effective Visual Aids o Effective Visual Aids Are Visible If a speaker is using Visual aids they need to make sure that they are not only visible, but easy for everyone in the audience to see. If the visual aid includes text, the text needs to be large enough so the entire class or audience can easily read the text; otherwise it serves very little purpose. With the creation of powerpoint it has become easier to make presentations that are more eligible but presenters can still mess it up; such as chose a font that takes complete focus to read or a font color/background combination that isn’t easy on the eyes. If using an actually visible aid, such as an artifact, the presenter needs to make sure that the object is large enough that everyone can easily depict what it is. The second the speaker shows an object too small and says “well, you probably can’t see this, but…” well that’s the second that the audience loses interest in what you have to say. The book
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