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Noam Noam, E.M. (2006). Deregulation and market concentration: An analysis of post-1996 consolidations. Federal Communications Law Journal, 58 (3), 539-549. Available through library e-reserves. Write 1-2 pages (double spaced and computer printed) that respond to these questions from the above two readings for today. 1. From the Aufderheide reading, how was the Telecommunications Act of 1996 a failure to the media industry? 2. According to Aufderheide, how did the Act affect the public?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What does Aufderheide propose that media policy should involve? (summarize the essence of his bulleted list versus just writing down those items). 4. According to Noam, what was the outcome of the Act on concentration and competition? 5. Analysis question from both readings: What do you think is a solution to the situations discussed in the two readings? As a media professional what do you think is the best resolution?...
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