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Greer Lame1 - Another theory is that there are equal...

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Sean Trank 373150 Dr Greer 3/31/08 What is Air America? Air America is liberal talk radio network which was highly left-winged. Air America started in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon. Many talented people performed and hosted the talk shows. The creators were wealthy entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who wanted to promote a left-wing agenda. Air America was started also to compete against conservative radio stars like Rush Limbaugh; however, due to low ratings most liberal talk shows get cancelled within a year or two. Why does conservative talk radio seem to be more popular than liberal talk radio? There is much more talent on the conservative side. One theory is that the shows are not popular because they are conservative but because the host is very entertaining and happens to be conservative. Hillary Clinton has been trying for years to find someone to match the talents of Rush Limbaugh but has not been able to find anyone who can keep the audience’s attention for more than a year.
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Unformatted text preview: Another theory is that there are equal amounts of both conservative and liberal hosts, the difference is that while Rush is talking about politics, shock jocks like Howard Stern is talking about sex. What role does economics play in talk radio? Most Americans get their political information from TV, newspapers, and then talk radio, so the philosophy is he who talks the loudest wins, which seems to be the case with the conservative dominance on talk radio. Given conservative's dislike (and/or distrust) of the media, why is it that radio attracts people of this political persuasion? The talk radio shows are highly entertaining especially when someone like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage receive callers who are extremely liberal and get completely dominated by the host who has done his research and is an expert. Many times conservatives appreciate a voice that speaks for them loud and clear and makes a fool of the fool/liberal. Sean Trank 373150 Dr Greer 3/31/08...
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Greer Lame1 - Another theory is that there are equal...

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