what is the audience

what is the audience - The more the consumer knows about...

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what is the audience's patterns of using this medium (i.e, why and how much the audience uses it)? In Fall of 2003 Dove Consulting did a quantitative research study surveying 1500 consumers of HDTV to find out how much consumers really understand about their equipment and programming options. The results found that 83% of costumers had a high awareness yet new little about both equipment and programming options. The research resulted in five major findings about HDTV and its relationship to the audience. The first finding was that HDTV was becoming more affordable and obtainable to those who previously would not purchase a HDTV due to high costs. About 10% of non-owners of HDTV would pay $1500 for an HDTV and at $1000 the number doubled. The second finding was that consumers would be more interested in buying a HDTV if they knew they could rent the box set receiver from their satellite provider. In fact the study found that nearly 75% of consumers felt this way.
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Unformatted text preview: The more the consumer knows about the product the more enticed they will be to purchase the product. The third finding showed that 23% of consumers did not even know if they had high definition. An amazingly high amount of consumers, 40%, knew little to no understanding about HD. The fourth finding showed that 46.7% of consumers do not know how to get programming because of lack of communication. As seen above consumers rely on advertisements for information instead of doing personal research. As a result of the lack of information available to consumers, the final finding shows that more consumer education about the benefits of HDTV is needed in order to make HDTV more attractive to consumers. The research ultimately found that there is no difference between the amount of hours TV owners and HDTV owners watch; however, HDTV owners were found to have more equipment than plain TV owners....
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what is the audience - The more the consumer knows about...

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