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IBUS 300, Final Examination, Fall, 2007 (80 points) Please choose the best answer. 1. What is the inflation trend in Argentina? a. Decreasing 1-10% per year b. Decreasing 10-20% per year c. Increasing 1-10% per year d. Increasing 10-20% per year 2. In Germany, what is the value of collateral needed for a loan(as a percentage of the loan amount)? a. About 126% b. About 130% c. About 141 % d. About 100% 3. On average, in 2005 how long did it take in Russia to claim imports from customs? a. About 10 days b. About 23 days c. About 5 days d. About 15 days 4. Which of the following countries do businesspeople see as least likely to control government corruption? a. Brazil b. Chile c. Argentina d. Mexico 5. In which country would a salesperson selling an information system plan on making a sales presentation to a committee rather than an individual senior manager? a. New Zealand b. Italy c. Ireland d. Turkey 6. In which country would managers be expected to exercise very strong authority over subordinates? a. Argentina b. Brazil c. Venezuela
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d. Chile 7. An American manager in South Korea should follow which of the following employee management practices? a.
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IBUS_300_Quiz_4_Fall_2007 - IBUS 300, Final Examination,...

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