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The Holocaust in Historical Perspective Study Guide

The Holocaust in Historical Perspective Study Guide - The...

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The Holocaust in Historical Perspective Study Guide “Binding of Isaac” Story from the Hebrew Bible when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Abraham obeys God’s commands without questioning. It is believe that some think that God was testing Abraham and did not want him to kill his son. When he goes to the alter to do so, God stops him. Deicide Killing of a god. Catholics blamed Jews for the death of Jesus. Diaspora Jewish state comes to an end when the Romans begin to actively drive Jews from the home they had live in for over a millennium. Emperors thought Jews would assimilate When 70 AD ends. Rabbi becomes the teacher creating rabbinic Judaism. When Jews spread they maintained religious identity. This becomes very adaptable response. The Jews spread and are not expelled but granted full rights in the Roman Empire. This is a key to religion. They were granted exemptions from laws of religion. Judaism was consider “old religion” Paganism was the religion of Rome. Christians did not get protection and were enemies. The Jews went from farmers to commerce, which was very important in Roman economy. Change from tolerant to intolerant Occurs when Christianity becomes an official religion in 512 AD. ??? Nicean Creed- 325AD Puts an end to migration from one religion to another (Judaism to Christianity.) What does this do to the Jews of Rome? Rome turns on Jews. Chrysostomos, Bishop of Antioch. HATE JEWS. The most racial among 1 st fathers Constantine the great. Roman emperor. Angle descended and said Christ would prove victory Didn’t convert until death bed, needed church alliance Second Covenant The covenant that God gave at Mount Sinai reinforced the covenant that God had given to Abraham, and told the Jews what they would have to do as their side of the covenant.
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God told the Jewish People, that for their part, they must dedicate themselves to serving God for ever, and to making the world a better and holier place by obeying God's laws. St. Augustine The church position determined by St. Augustine is very important. Believed the Jews shouldn’t be killed or physically harmed but to be tolerated in degraded status as a constant reminded to those who do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. St. John of Chrysostomos Theodosian Code 458-AD proclamation of the Theodosian Code - was supposed to be a code for the entire empire of Rome dealt with the status of Jews in the Roman empire. ..the Jews were defined in the Theodocian code as a nefarious sect nefarious means evil, wicked or criminal Jews were punished for inter-fearing with a Jew or a pagan converting to Christianity Jews were forbidden to own Christian slaves Jews could not under the penalty of death proselytize their own religion intermarriage or cohabitation with a Christian was prohibited the Jews were prohibited from building new synagogues or
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The Holocaust in Historical Perspective Study Guide - The...

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