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mid term reviewsheet

mid term reviewsheet - United Nations Terrorism Security...

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110 Review Sheet Power Anarchy Reciprocity International Organizations and Regimes Feminism Liberalism Constructivism Realism Groupthink Prisoner's dilemma Limited war Deterrence MAD First and Second Strike Capability Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) Weapons reduction treaties (SALT and START) International Regimes Collective security Customary vs. treaty Law Collective or public goods War crimes Proxy wars Structural violence Democratic peace International criminal court Sovereignty
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Unformatted text preview: United Nations Terrorism Security dilemma Relative vs. absolute gains Arms race Balance of power Bipolarity, multipolarity, unipolarity Hegemony Power transition theory Domestic institutions (democratic peace) Diversionary war Interdependence Rationality Misperceptions, Cognitive bias Common or mutual interest Free Riding Crisis Decision Making WMD Hegemony Alliances Total War Compellence International Law The Security Council Organizational process model...
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