Faces of Culture - culture is turning into technology industrialization Metropolis = technology will rule over us culture is integrated doesn’t

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10/2/07 “Faces of Culture” Questions to think about : How does this film define culture? Where do they hint culture is going? What is the role of the anthropologist? What are the voices in the film that influence? influence : voice-over, people talking, subtitles, translators, angle of shot, music, order of shots, reaction of audience This film defines culture as a set of beliefs that tie us together, makes them flourish, adapt, and reap the benefits for the locality Culture is blueprint for living together; sets some rules, how to survive - order out of seeming chaos - value to reality ethnocentrism : regarding one’s culture above others cultural relativism : all cultures are beautiful, foundation of anthropology need for food, shelter, self, self-expression, sex, law and order, health, solve arguments culture is modernizing (agriculture vs. technology)
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Unformatted text preview: culture is turning into technology, industrialization Metropolis = technology will rule over us culture is integrated, doesn’t destroy-deeper understanding of universe anthropology is essential to comprehend other minds/cultures, job is to preserve/protect 1. culture is present in all aspects of human life 2. face to face with contrasting cultures 3. frequently fish out of water-structure not necessarily seen by present at all time (social roles make up social structure)-super structure hardest to identify (ethos, white power, hakuna matata)- all people build structures out of what is available ( infrastructure ) - houses built for social organizations, who builds it, size and position ( structure )- doors facing different directions, religion, myths, society ( superstructure ) Umbrella Schematic...
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