Mass. vs. VA

Mass. vs. VA - The early 17th century colonies of...

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The early 17 th century colonies of Massachusetts Bay and Virginia were founded by people with completely different agendas thus leading to the creation of legal systems from necessarily dissimilar approaches. The objectives of each code were meant to facilitate life for families in Massachusetts in contrast to Virginia which was brimming with single men. These societies had little in common, one being more docile in nature than the other and thus demanding unique approaches to formation of laws. The Massachusetts Bay colony was largely populated by families hoping to settle permanently as opposed to Virginia which was filled mainly with men, eager to make their fortune and return to England. The primary concern in Massachusetts, therefore, was not how to maintain order among the citizens but rather how to keep their government from abusing its power over them. Nathaniel Ward’s work in helping to form the laws for Massachusetts was written largely with the goal of defining justice unequivocally so as to limit gray areas in the system. Political authority at the time was
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Mass. vs. VA - The early 17th century colonies of...

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