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Unformatted text preview: IC 111.40 & 111.50 Integrated Science - The Environment Spring 2008 Reading Packet Page Table of Contents Number Current Science Topics - A Series of Writings 2 How to Write Up a Lab Report 3 How to Cite References 4 Geology Lab 5-9 Diversity of Life Lab 10-13 Natural Selection Lab 14-17 Genetics Assignment 18-31 Population Growth Lab 32-39 1 IC110: Integrated Science Environment Current Science Topics A Series of Writings This series of writings can be hand-written or typed. Regardless, it should be located in its own section in a 3 ring binder. You should bring it to every lab/discussion section. We recommend putting it in the same binder as your lab packet. The goal of these writing assignments is to focus your thoughts prior to class discussions as well as to allow you to investigate current science discoveries, knowledge and technology. You may include as many writings as you wish in addition to those assigned. You also may find it helpful to write questions in this section which you would like to ask in discussion. Grading Much of the grading will be informal as long as you do the assignments, follow the requirements stated below, and put thought into your writing, you will receive a good grade for these assignments. Important Be sure that you write about your thoughts and reactions to the article as well as providing a summary. If you simply summarize the article, you will receive credit for the assignment. Thorough writings will typically be two pages. One or two paragraphs is not enough. All four writing assignments this semester will be guided by a specific topic. Within that topic you are allowed to select a current scientific article. Some places to help you get started magazines such as Discover, Popular Science, American Scientific (slightly more technical/difficult to read) or a scientific article in Time. The internet is a great place go to US News and then select Environment, or Tech/Science. Another website is and select Science. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Writing Requirements: Date and Title (give it one or use article name) Describe the topic/reading in your own words - identify the main points and ideas in the article. Focus and write about one of the main points/ideas. Credibility What sort of scientific facts and data was used to support the information in the article? Who wrote it? Are they biased or knowledgeable in this area? Reflection/Exploration Open exploration of the topic. You have the choice to write about how the information connects to the material you are learning, American culture, the world at large, how this might impact the future or explore any question the article might have inspired....
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Science Document 2 - IC 111.40 & 111.50...

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