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Unformatted text preview: Create a guide to winning the presidential election. Include at least 5-7 strategies that one should either use or avoid when running for president. Use bulleted points to designate your strategies; then provide at least a paragraph of explanation for each. These strategies should be based on your experience in the game and the information you learned from the resources in the lesson. • Pick 5 Topics to Establish your Platform When you're starting out as a potential nominee, pick several heavy key issues to push! This is important because by focusing on key issues you give clarity and visibility on your stances to the general public, which tends to appreciate that. If you opponent has weak key issues, s/he will have weak visibility, and vice versa. • Check What States are Thinking Swing states are a crucial part of the election, because if 60% of the small states are swinging 51% toward your opponent and you've only cemented the big states, you'll most likely lose due to the overpowering amount of electoral delegates put together. So, always visit small states and at least try to overpowering amount of electoral delegates put together....
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