Russia - 1 Russia a Russia at this time is a"backward...

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a. Russia at this time is a "backward" country i. Little knowledge of the outside world ii. People in Western Europe don’t know whats going on in Russia and Vice-versa iii. Very Religious iv. Very traditional - Little Change b. In 1598 the Russian Czar dies with no heir and causes the time of trouble i. Competitions for throne ii. Invasions iii. Almost ceases to exist iv. General anarchy c. In 1613, the Boyars or nobility get together at the Zemsky Sobor (assembly of the land) to fix problems i. Decide new czar - Mikhail Romanov ii. Start of Romanov dynasty d. Mikhail's son starts to build up Russia his name, Alexei e. Alexei (16,1649,1676) i. Tries to modernize country through Westernization ii. Alexei was very influenced by the West iii. When he comes to power 1. He est. monastary with Western Teachers 2. He has western teaching toutors for his children 3. Uses Western physicians 4. Introduces Theatre and ballet 5. Western style gardens 6. Foreign run factories 7. Brought in foreigners to train military iv. All his accomplishments almost unwound by family problems 1. His son was married to Maria Miloslavskaya a. They have three boys i. Alexei (jr) - dies ii. Feodor - sickly whole life iii. Ivan - Mentally and physically disabled b. In 1669 Maria dies and Alexei marries… 2. Natalia Naryshkina a. She has one boy i. Peter b. This results in two factions after Alexei's death, 1 and 2 3. After Alexei dies Peter is nominated to rule a. The Patriarch says that he was with Alexei and says that Feodor is to be the heir b. Feodor becomes czar i. Makes good changes, but dies in 1682 without an heir 4. Peter Is then nominated as czar and his mother, Natalia is regent v. The Streltsy or special military units as palace guard have complaints 1. They are owed much backpay 2. Naryshkina never pay up 3. Officers or Boyars use the Streltsy as personal servants 4. In may, 1682 a rumor circulates thought moscow that Ivan has been killed by Naryshkinas. Ivan is really just fine. a. The Streltsy believe that Ivan is the divine right leader
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Russia - 1 Russia a Russia at this time is a"backward...

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