The 7 year - 1. The 7 year's war a. A global war a....

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1. The 7 year's war a. A global war a. Basically two wars i. On the continent - Prussia holding off its enemies i. Colonial war - England and France i. Prussia was surrounded and Fredrick William had a very difficult task to hold off the enemies i. Most other armies were also 15 times greater i. Fredrick survives the war because of three main reasons 1. He is a very good military leader 1. He is lucky in the fact that his opponents are incompetent 1. Empress Elizabeth of Russia is in rather poor health her heir is her nephew a. Peter III le liked Prussian culture; Fredrick the Great was his idol a. He was the next heir to the throne and the Russian generals didn’t want to push to hard against the Prussians so they wouldn’t lose favor with Peter i. Fredrick is not doing very well as he loses men they are replaced by less competent men i. Fredrick begins to lose ground and Prussia begins to be invaded i. He is also very worried about Prussia i. Elizabeth finally died and peter became czar - Peter the third 1. Peter the Third 1728-1762 a. He immediately withdrew from the war; after withdrawing he allies with Russia a. Overnight the Russians switched allies a. Peter III gives all land back to Prussia a. Peter III gave back all the men that were captured in the war
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The 7 year - 1. The 7 year's war a. A global war a....

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