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review_sheet_3 - building Unconditional positive regard...

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Chapter 17 Treatment Worksheet Biological Psychoanalytic Behavioral Cognitive Humanistic Sociocultural Definition/Focus Biological and medical sources Talk therapy to achieve catharsis and insight. Can take years. Modify disordered behaviors through learning People taught to think in more adaptive ways Focus on feelings and the here-and-now Cultural values and experiences Key terms ECT: electro- convulsive therapy Free association. Catharsis. Resistance. Transference. Unconscious conflicts. Insight. Flooding, Systematic desensitization, Aversive conditioning, Rewards. REBT. (Ellis’s A-B-C theory) Beck’s Cog therapy Person-centered therapy, non- directive, reflection, Gestalt Therapy, “empty chair” Stereotypes and prejudice, acculturation problems Depression Antidepressant: Prozac Talk therapy Effective when combined with cognitive therapy REBT and cog behavior therapy both effective. Self esteem
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Unformatted text preview: building. Unconditional positive regard Looking into larger contexts: family, society, community Anxiety barbiturates, benzodiazepine. OCD: anti-depressant Talk therapy. Effective depending on type of disorder Phobia: Flooding or Systematic Desensitization. Generalized anxiety: target irrational beliefs Helps with self esteem Looking into larger contexts: family, society, community Bipolar Mood stabilizer: lithium Talk therapy (with meds) focus on depression N/A Effective during depression, and with meds N/A Assisted living; homeless advocacy Schizophrenia Antipsychotics: chlorpromazine N/A N/A N/A N/A Assisted living; homeless advocacy Other Disorders ??? Trauma: effective Alcoholic: use antabuse for aversive cond. Autism Stress inoculation training ??? Group and family therapies Chapter 17 Treatment Worksheet intervention...
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