For the error cases described for each command above

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Unformatted text preview: r example: CS348 - Project 1 Author: John Doe Login: jdoe Email: [email protected] Include here anything you might want us to know when grading your project. All commands should be implemented in the template file provided ( This template provides a way to read in commands from the console and parse the parameters until the user exits the program, so you don’t need to worry about that. It also takes care of incorrect user input such as non- existing command, typo or missing parameters. You just need to provide implementations of the commands in the corresponding methods. To turn in your project, ssh to, create a folder named project1 in your home directory and copy your source files and your README.txt to that folder. We should be able to compile your program by executing: javac *.java and run your program by executing: java SimpleDatabase After copying your files in the folder project1, execute the following command in your home directory: turnin - c cs348 - p proj1 project1 To verify the contents of your submission, execute the following command: turnin - c cs348 - p proj1 –v *** Please make sure your source code is compliant with Java 5. Hints: Ø། Note that order doesn’t matter when printing out the result...
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