Exit exit the application unsaved data will be

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Unformatted text preview: hn_Smith, Sophomore, 19 Joe_Black, Junior, 20 get_classes_for_student: This command should print the name, room, time and faculty identifier of each class the student identified by SNUM is taking, displaying one record on each line Example: > get_classes_for_student 00178 CS34801, HAASG066, TR12:00pm, 101 CS30702, LWSN1106, MWF8:30am, 105 get_classes_for_faculty: This command should print the names of all classes taught by the faculty identified by FID, displaying one record on each line Example: > get_classes_for_faculty 105 CS30702 CS31504 delete_class: This command should delete the class identified by NAME from the database. Note that when a class is deleted, all student enrollment records for that class as well as the faculty teaching records for that class should be deleted from the database too. save: This command should save the current contents of the database to a file named FILENAME. You may choose a file format as you see fit. load: This command should load the contents of the database from the file named FILENAME. This command should clear out existing data before loading the contents of FILENAME. exit: Exit the application. Unsaved data will be lost. Evaluation Your project will be evaluated based on how well it meets the specification, i.e. the correctness of the output. We might use automated testing, so make sure your program does not crash in between any commands. Submitting Your Work Please create a README file that contains identifying information. Fo...
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