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Libby Walters ENGL 235-02 Discussion Sheet 1/24/08 1. Name of author: Andrew O. Wiget 2. Name of prose piece: “Native American Oral Literatures” 3. Genre: Informative 4. Thesis or Central Argument: This piece was meant to be an informative introduction to Native Americans’ oral literatures. It explains that the reader must read and analyze the oral literatures in the context of the culture and time period in which they were performed, not in the context of the reader’s own culture. 5. Quote a passage that exemplifies thesis/argument: “In short, aesthetic values emerge from […] specific cultural contexts, and we quickly discover the limits of our own
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Unformatted text preview: assumptions and knowledge in encountering literatures from outside the more familiar Euro-American traditions.” (p. 18) 6. Analyze an idea from a social, political, or other perspective: When I began reading this essay, the very idea of an oral literature evoked images of half-naked, primitive tribal people dancing around a fire, chanting something completely incomprehensible. I was surprised to find how involved and intricate the philosophy behind and the performance of these literatures really is. To the Native Americans, their oral literatures served as everything from historical records to a way of self and cultural reflection....
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