Tensiletest - about a substance from tensile testing. The...

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Drexel University Goodwin College of Professional Studies Applied Engineering Technology MET 101 Manufacturing Materials Laboratory Experiment No. 1 Tensile Test Laboratory Report No. 1 Submitted By: Mike Coover Submitted To: Dr. Richard Y. Chiou Date: January 24 th , 2007
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In this lab, the purpose of our experimenting was to become familiar with the set up and procedure in executing a tensile test using a universal tensile test machine. Mechanical properties such as stress, strain, modulus of elasticity, ductility, and toughness of materials in question are determined in tensile testing. In tensile testing a standard test piece is gripped at either end by a suitable apparatus in a testing machine which slowly exerts a pull so that the test piece is stretched until it breaks. Tensile testing provides information on proof stress, yield point, tensile strength, elongation and reduction of area.   It is important because you can learn so much
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Unformatted text preview: about a substance from tensile testing. The point of failure is the most interesting and is typically called its " Ultimate Strength ". This experiment required a tensile testing machine, extensometer and three specimens for testing (Steel Rod, Aluminum 6061 T6, and Acrylic). The gage length of each specimen was measured, around 2 inches, marked with a red permanent marker, and recorded. Using a vernier caliper, we measured and recorded the gage diameter for round specimen such as the steel rod or the width and thickness for flat specimens. Next, we positioned the cross-head properly in relation to the height of the specimen and secured it between the upper and lower wedge type grips of the machine. After zeroing the extensometer, the tensile test was then ran until the stretching went to fracture. The fractured specimen was then removed and measurements of the diameter or width and thickness were recorded....
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Tensiletest - about a substance from tensile testing. The...

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