Chapter 12 - Chapter 12- Presidential Leadership and Elite...

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Chapter 12- Presidential Leadership and Elite Democracy Presidency is closer to elite democracy then popular democracy Elite Democrats: o Believed a strong executive of uncommon talent and experience was needed to guide public affairs o Energetic executive could overcome the tendency of the political system to stalemate and provide creative political direction o Federalist Popular Democrats: o Citizens should look to their own commitment and not depend on an individual leader o Anti Federalist: political hopes in the people’s energies and not the executives Personalized Presidency: o Political skill, intellect and character determines a successful or failure in a presidency o How effective they one communicates with the public o How skillfully they forge the white house team o How shrewdly they develop a vision of where the country should be going o How strategically they process the vast flood of information available in the White House Presidency as an Institution: o Presidency is an institution; its expansion is justified by the pop. Democrats o Presidents can become isolated from the people who put them in office o Staff and Bureaucracy used to carry out actions that run counter to what Congress has legislated and what the public wants White House Staff: o White House Staff: the president’s personal aides and advisers along with their numerous assistants o Presidents rely on their staff for assistance in decision making and even in managing federal policies o Many members often reflect the presidents roots and political base
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12- Presidential Leadership and Elite...

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