Chapter 18 - Chapter 18- Foreign Policy in the National...

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Chapter 18- Foreign Policy in the National Security State Elite Democrats: o Claim that foreign policy even more than domestic policy, requires the superior expertise and talent of elites o Ordinary citizens are generally ignorant about events in other nations and are prone to emotional and fickle responses inconsistent with a realistic and stable foreign policy o Foreign policy should be left in the hands of the president and the diplomatic military experts Beginnings of the Democratic Debate over Foreign Policy: o Alexander Hamilton, original elite position o Argued new US needed professional armies and navies o President is the dominant figure o Congress lacked the information and experience to make wise decisions in foreign policy and could not act swiftly to keep diplomatic secrets o Hamilton and his faction of Federalist created the first American military establishment o Anti Federalist feared establishment o A standing army might overturn republican institutions and seize power for its commander o Might become a dangerous tool for the executive, tempting him to crush his domestic opponents, or launch aggressive military adventures abroad o Wanted to rely on state militias composed of armed citizens o Believed American should relate to the rest of the world as an example of how a people could flourish in freedom and self government Isolation and Expansion: o Isolationism : The idea that apart from commercial relations, the US should stay out of the political and military quarrels of the rest of the world; the core principle of American foreign and defense policy from the founding until WWII o Expansion : 19 th C activities by the US to extend the nation to the pacific Ocean and to gain territorial acquisitions in Latin America and Asia o Expansion drove Native Americans from their ancestral lands o Elite and popular democrats had a lot to do with expansion The Democratic Debate over the Cold War: o Cold War : a forty year struggle between the US and its allies, championing the cause of democracy and capitalism, and the Soviet Union and its allies, championing the cause of communism. o
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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18- Foreign Policy in the National...

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