How might phosphorylation affect the net charge of

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Unformatted text preview: with the following sequence: RSATV 1) Draw the structure of this peptide. 2) What is its net charge at pH 7? +1 (from R) 3) Which residue(s) in this sequence could be phosphorylated by a kinase? How might phosphorylation affect the net charge of the peptide? Serine, phosphate group has - 2 so net charge would be - 1 4) Suppose this peptide sequence is present in a protein and forms a binding interface with DNA, which has a negatively charged backbone. How could phosphorylation of this peptide affect its ability to bind DNA? Decrease ability to bind DNA due to electrostatic repulsion Lecture 4 1. a. What is the approximate molecular weight of a protein with 364 amino acid residue...
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