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Unformatted text preview: s in a single polypeptide chain? 40,040 D (=40kD) (364 residues * 110 D/residue = 40,040 D) [slide 6] b. Is this weight above or below the average protein? below, the average protein size is ~400 residues, which would have an approximate weight of 44,000 D (=44kD). [slide 5, 6] 2. Three polypeptides, the sequences of which are below in their one- letter code for their amino acids, are present in a mixture: 1. TAKNRASCLVPKHGALMFWRHKQLVSDPILQKRQHILVCRNAGA 2. PGYFGDEPLDVHDEPEEG 3. HPLLSAWKGMEGVGKSQSFAALIVILA Of the three, which one would migrate most slowly during chromatography through: (a) an ion- exchange resin; beads coated with positively charged groups? Peptide...
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