2 given that log2 30 log3 48

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Unformatted text preview: log(x) - log(y) 10log(x) = x log(10x)= x log(0.1) = - 1, log(1) = 0, log(10) = 1, log(100) = 2 1. Draw how three water molecules could form hydrogen bonds with acetic acid, shown here. With all hydrogen bonds, label the hydrogen donor and acceptor. 2. Given that: log(2)= .30, log(3)= .48, log(4)= .60, what is the pH of a solution containing [H+]= a. 3x10- 7 mol/L b. 6x10- 5 mol/L c. 8x10- 10 mol/L d. 1.2x10- 8 mol/L 3. pH of acetic acid (CH3COOH) solutions: a. Write out the dissociation reaction of the acid into its base (acetate) and H+ b. Calculate the pH of an acetic acid solution, given...
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