Copper could be heated with charcoal to yield pure

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Unformatted text preview: tin. Copper could be heated with charcoal to yield pure copper When did Technology Begin When did Technology Begin Iron Iron Age Began Began around 1200 BC in Egypt Egypt Smelting Smelting --- the process of making iron from ore Iron Iron smelting furnace was a clayclay-lined hole in the ground Red hot spongy mass was Red hot spongy mass was hammered hammered into shape Fe Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution Industrial revolution and the factory system th of work spread through the Western world in around 1750 AD Before then craftspeople used their own Before then, craftspeople used their own tools tools and workshops to make things ---they started working in factories Products Products could be made faster and cheaper with machines Richard Richard Arkwright is the “inventor of the factory system” His His first manufacturing system changed raw cotton into thread Henry Henry Ford is the “father of mass production” and first used assembly line on pro fi assem li a large scale Changes Changes Caused by Industrial Revolution Revolution Industrial Industrial revolution brought both social and technological socia technol...
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